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Finnegan Developments
Finnegan developments carry out all ground civil works, concrete finishing, site clearance
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Road & Floor Sawing
All Road & floor sawing up to a depth of 600mm
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Concrete Cutting Ireland

Concrete Cutting Ireland was established in 2004. With a team of very experienced and highly qualified Concrete Cutting Services Specialists.  We are based in the leinster area, and the vast majority of our work is carried out in Dublin Galway and Cork.  Due to the nature of our work we carry out services nationwide throughout Ireland and also in the United Kingdom. 


Operating since 2004

Professional Service

We are a team of highly experienced and qualified Concrete Cutting Services Specialists...


We cater for large scale and small scale projects and can provide you with freeestimates and work completion timelines..

Our Services

Diamond Core Drilling

When coring, accuracy is our main priority in order to do this we use the latest diamond drilling technology such as hydraulic and pneumatic powered drills...

Diamond Floor Grinding

Providing a perfect finish on any concrete floors, slabs and walkways, removing imperfections such as high spots and uneven surfaces. The result is a smooth, flasless..

Track Sawing... Road & Floor Sawing

Road and floor sawing using our high power diesel saws with high precision equipment that can cut through heavily reinforced concrete or asphalt to depths up to 600mm...

Building upgrades, Concrete Finishing

Whether you are considering upgrading existing concrete structures such as walls and floors or taking on a refurbishment........

Latest Projects

stitch drilling 2000mm 1000mm
Increasing doorhead Heights In Athlone
Increasing door and windows sizes
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