Track Sawing  

Wall Sawing service utilises the best quality circular diamond blades, ranging in sizes from 600mm-2000mm in diameter to create absolute precision using the tracks, cutting to a depth of 730mm . This is the preferred method for cutting doorways, floors, windows and stair & lift shaft openings. 

Wall saw cutting a floor

 Road & Floor Sawing 

Road and floor sawing using our high power diesel powered saws with high precision equipment that can cut through heavily reinforced concrete or asphalt to depths up to 600mm quickly and accurately, perfect for sawing horizontal surfaces, such as roads, runways, pavements & external floor removal in sections. 

Road floor sawing

Wire Sawing 

Diamond wire sawing uses the diamond wire which is fed through a series of pullys to form cuts where its not possible to use other sawing methods. Perfect for the removal of areas of heavy reinforced steel in situations where access is limited suitable for sawing bridges, columns, culverts and beams where depth and speed of cut are imperative.


Cut and break Sawing

Our cut and break machines are a natural choice when you need to cut deep, more economically where stitch coring is not possible or small opes are to be cut. They are powered by  petrol engines for outdoor use and 110v power for internal use. The saw enables us to cut as deep as 400mm from one side. The two high speed blades make a core in the saw cut which can easily broken off using a small cordless breaker. 

This Method is suitable for forming service opes in concrete and block walls, or for that small window you’ve always dreamed of! 

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